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Sweet Potato Soup with a touch of Garam Masala

This week’s recipe comes to us from Jane Spice. Last night was our annual crab fest gathering with a few of my special friends. We plan our crab dinner within the first week of crab season in San Francisco. I love crab, and crab to me is a big deal. But last night, it...

Congratulations to our winner!

Congratulations to Dawn H, winner of the Aaron Rodgers jersey and Green Bay Packers pennant!  Stay up to date with what is happening in our office by visiting our webpage regularly, and by being our fan on Facebook!

Where the Body Finds Answers

Chiropractor Weekly Sticky: How much stomach acid does it take to digest a cheeseburger? Or, how much calcium is needed to heal a broken leg? How about a fever, how high should it reach to fight a common cold? You don’t need to surf Google for the answers, your INNATE...